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In Class

Apr 25 Thu Final Project Presentations
Apr 23 Tue Presentations
Apr 18 Thu Project Day
Apr 16 Tue Project Day
Apr 11 Thu Final Project: Brainstorming Project Day
Apr 09 Tue Second Exam
Apr 04 Thu Process Eval 2-3 Xylophone Handin
Apr 02 Tue Xylophone Prep
Exam II Prep
Question and Code
Mar 28 Thu Our Berea Tour App
Mar 26 Tue
Mar 21 Thu Quiz Apps Questions and Project Time
Mar 19 Tue Paris Map Tour Reflection Design and Chapter 8
Mar 14 Thu Spring Break
Mar 12 Tue Spring Break
Mar 07 Thu Developing Paper Prototypes Testing Prototypes
Exploring Timers
The Plan
Mar 05 Tue Labor Day (No Class)
Feb 28 Thu Lists Lists and Tours
Feb 26 Tue Help Matt Choose
Explaining Ladybug
Flips and Tours
Feb 21 Thu Introducing Databases Practice and Continue
Feb 19 Tue Structure, Debugging, and More Exploring Timers and Such
Feb 14 Thu Site Testing and Feedback
Feb 12 Tue Team Process Eval #2
Animating the Animations
Presentations and Exam Overview
Feb 08 Fri Do The Mole Mash Twist! Due at 5PM
Feb 07 Thu First Exam
Feb 05 Tue Exam I Prep Exam Prep
Jan 31 Thu Krug 7-9 Hack n' Whack!
Jan 29 Tue Musical Teams
The Variability of Variables
Mole Mash!
Launching the Twist
Jan 24 Thu On Brainstorming
Krug 5-6
Practice Testing
Presentations and Programming
Jan 22 Tue My My Berea Project Wrapup
Jan 17 Thu Resource Gathering Debrief and Setup
Jan 15 Tue Working with App Inventor
Testing App Inventor
Jan 10 Thu Better Apps Info and Photo Syllabus and Stoves
Jan 08 Tue Bingo!