Apps for Appalachia: Reflect - Games and Gender

Reflect - Games and Gender

Work Summary


The games industry is a multi-billion dollar industry set to rival the global movie industry in scale and scope. These two pieces highlight some of the current issues in the gaming industry. Or, it might not be a “gaming industry” problem so much as a social issue that we’ve never really explored when, as a populace, we moved online.


In a Word document:

  1. Before reading these two pieces, were you familiar with #gamersgate? Why? How?

  2. Is there anything about what you read that you find surprising? What surprised you most in this brief retelling and set of readings?

  3. Have you ever had to deal with anything (even remotely) like what was described in the readings? How did you you respond?

  4. How do you hope you’d respond if you were witness to similar kinds of harassment on this campus? How do you think you’d respond?

Learning Objectives

  • Identity and Technology 1.1: Read and reflect (in writing) meaningfully on videos and blog-style content on the topic of identity.
  • Identity and Technology 1.2: Students will reflect, privately, through personal journals regarding their thoughts regarding current events from their own personal identity perspective.