Apps for Appalachia: Plans for Monday

Plans for Monday

It is very likely I will not be well enough to be in class on Monday. Friday was the start, not (as I hoped) the peak, of whatever I’ve come down with. (“But I thought you were a Doctor” they said… “Yes, but not that kind of Doctor…”) Given the symptoms, it is probably some variety of gastroenteritis. Yay.

Monday’s Plan

Remember that there is open lab on Sunday evening 7-9PM. You’re encouraged to stop in if you have questions.

I would like us to be in a position to present apps on Monday. That said, some of you might have questions, and might need a bit more time. I’d like to encourage you to do the following (with the support and leadership of the Amazing TA, BW):

  1. Bring your work to class. Wherever you’re at, bring what you have to class.

  2. If you’re stuck, ask questions. In fact, I’d like to encourage you to start class with an open Q&A session; if there’s something you’re trying to do, and you’re stuck, I’d encourage you to ask if anyone has any ideas. You might “catalog” your questions on the board, for example.

  3. Help each-other. The Amazing TA will be there, but don’t be afraid to help one-another out. Programming is not, contrary to popular belief, a solo endeavour. It is often a collaborative and social activity.

I’d like to see apps on Wednesday. If you have questions that can’t be addressed during class, please email me.

Wednesday’s Plan

I will move my introduction to functions to Wednesday. I’d also like to see some app demos, if we can. Perhaps you’ll do some of that on Monday… we’ll play this by ear.

Friday’s Plan

We’ll probably move some of our discussion time to Friday regarding the games and gender reading.