Apps for Appalachia: Handing In App

Handing In App

Ideally, you can download your app and submit the .aia and .apk to Moodle. There is an alternative, however.

Download and Handin

To download the .aia and the .apk, you can follow these instructions:

Then, submit the two files to the appropriate places in Moodle.

File Won’t Download!

It is possible your app is too big. In that case, you can do the following.

  1. Trim, upload.

    Go to the File menu and say “Safe Project As…”. Add the word “Submission” to the end of your app’s name, so that you know this is the version for submission. Now, remove all of the audio from your app. This may make it small enough to download. This will at least let us see your code and how it works, even if the audio is gone.

    When you submit your app, make sure to include the audio files separately. Moodle will let you upload the .aia, the .apk, and you can include your audio as well. Provide a short description as part of your exam submission as to when those audio files play in your app.

  2. Screenshot and Describe.

    This is not preferred. However, you can do screenshots of your code, screenshots of your app, and upload a document which contains all of these images. It should also describe what we are seeing. For example, if you have three screens in your app, then your document should make clear which code screenshots are for which “screens” in your app, and so on.

    If you go this route, it is your responsibility to make sure we have images of the app (you can search on Google for how to take screenshots on the tablets, and then send yourself those images, or copy them off with a USB cable), images of the code, and an understanding of how they go together.

Option #2 is definitely not preferred, and is more work for you. However, it is the best we can do. Please communicate with the prof. and the TA if you continue to have issues; one of the solutions described on this page should work for you, however.