Apps for Appalachia: Read and Code - Map Quest

Read and Code - Map Quest


  • The Map Tour (PDF). Read and write the code.

  • Modify the code so that it is a tour of three places of interest to you.

  • Submit your code to Moodle.

Slightly Longer Summary

The purpose of this activity is to spend some more time working with App Inventor with both

  • Lists, and

  • Web Content/Services

The former will reinforce concepts and ideas you are exploring through your tutorial, and the latter will represent something new (but, I suspect, something relatively straight-forward).

Work your way through the chapter building the app; I would encourage you to have a device for testing while you develop your code.


Please kindly address the following questions in a Word document (or Open Office) as part of your submission.

  1. What is, and why would you want to use something like it when long URLs in your app?

  2. How are and similar? Different?

  3. What information comes back from a ListPicker that we use to reach into the global lists in this app?

  4. Is the first element of an App Inventor list considered to have index 0 or 1?

  5. A list has the strings “Be”, “Bye”, “Byte”, and “Bite” in it. What is the length of this list? What is the index of the last element?

They’re not meant to be huge or evil questions, but they’re points everyone always gets confused about…