Apps for Appalachia: Graphics and Text - Preparation

Graphics and Text - Preparation

On Wednesday, we will have time for bringing our tutorials together in their final form.

As homework, however, we are going to continue to prepare our story app for distribution in the app store. We have two readings to help get us ready for App Store submission:

  • Uploading to Google Play This short document is provided by the App Inventor folks. They provide a high-level overview of what is involved in putting an APK in the app store. (An APK is a file we download from the App Inventor site that contains our app, ready to install on an Android tablet.)

  • The Launch Checklist There is a huge amount of information here. In truth, we only need to worry about the details in section 12 and 13, and really, you need to focus on section 12. I’d make sure to give the subsections to 12 a close read, as you’ll have some graphics work to do in the near future.