Apps for Appalachia: Reading - Syllabus, Innovations

Reading - Syllabus, Innovations

I write this website as a resource for you throughout the term. It always reflects my best attempt to present material and assignments clearly and just-in-time with respect to your learning. While I will provide you with concise summaries of assignments and/or how to submit work, I expect that you read what I write, and that you do so carefully. This is not, I do not believe, an outrageous or even unreasonable assumption on my part.


For this assignment, you should read/watch two things:

There are prompted questions to answer in response to this work, which is described in the Submission section of this page.

Mobile Innovations

We will be using some amazing technologies this term. That said, will we really be engaging in innovation? Are we setting ourselves up in a way that will ultimately limit our creative energies, or are we progressing down a productive, world-changing path? (It’s probably an unfair question, but let’s at least give it a little bit of thought.)

Below are two TED talks that might challenge some of our preconceptions about the technologies that are considered “common” in the US, and will serve to get us thinking critically about what we are doing this term.

The first talk gets us thinking about what it means to engage in democracy, and the second leads us towards question of where innovation is happening, and what infrastructure is necessary to create innovation. Or, perhaps you take away different messages entirely…

Why Standards-Based Assessment Matters

The second part of your assignment is to review the syllabus. You need to review the syllabus this term because it embodies some ideas (standards-based assessment, in particular) that might be new. However, they represent my best attempt to respond to feedback I have received from Berea students over the past several terms.


I would appreciate hearing a short response from you with respect to both the viewing and reading that you did before class on Friday.