Apps for Appalachia: Breathing and Hands On

Breathing and Hands On


In class, we’ll start with some breathing exercises. This lays the foundation for our work regarding presenting.

Q & A

  • What are ImageSprites?

  • When read, it all seems simple, but when i looked at the block codes i got a head rush and a partial high.

  • This makes sense to me, though I am sure when we start working with it questions will come up. Out of curiosity, why do they call it an ImageSprite instead of just an image?

  • There wasn’t a clear explanation concerning the random ball and timer components in the blocks view. Perhaps it would have been comprehensive to include the given tasks of the components in the designer view instead of skipping over it and having the user imply or guess. Albeit, it could have been purposely done in order for the user to self explore and find the solution either through trial and error or by making educated guesses through observation.

  • Are apps on google store or itunes actually created through appsinventor and if they are what do individuals have to go through in order for their work to be published or illustrated?

  • I am curious as to how much fun I might have in class as well as how much I will use this information in the future.

  • I just have a little confusion about how to use the graphing.

  • Are we capable of defining functions in App inventor?

  • Are the DrawCircle examples basically the same concept for any shape or image? For example, if I wanted to draw a shape or image where a user touches that is not a circle, is it possible in AppInventor and would it be the same concept?

  • For the drawing, I want to know what else we are capable of doing with the canvases. Can we make animated drawings? What are the limitations?

  • For the variables, the link would not work for me. I kept taking me to some weird screen that would link me to pages from past days.

Hands On

Finally, we’ll dive into Paint Pot in pairs. (Link to App Inventor chapter for Paint Pot.)