Apps for Appalachia: Research - For App Design

Research - For App Design

We’ll begin with some background research for our first independent app: the State of the Union.

If you already watched it, you’re ahead of the game. If you didn’t, then it is about time, as an adult, that you start participating in the discourse surrounding and practice of governance of this country (even if you just here for a few years as a visitor). As you listen, identify the issues that Obama highlights as critical today. You can also find the full text here, but you might want to pay attention to his presentation technique and the rhetorical tools he uses; Obama is a fairly effective speaker compared to many.

Next, pick one of those issues and research it thoroughly. For example (unrelated to the SOTU), I think income inequality is a significant issue for our nation (and, really, the world).

What you’re doing is developing a rich background on this topic so that you can engage in a game design that explores the issue you’ve identified. Capture your research as a Word document. Keep track of URLs, make notes about the resources you find, and (put simply) develop an annotated bibliography of the resources you found.

Learning Objectives

  • Presentation Fundamentals 1.2: Develop a short presentation that effectively communicates an idea with minimal text.
  • Identity and Technology 1.1: Read and reflect (in writing) meaningfully on videos and blog-style content on the topic of identity.


We’ll discuss what we found in class, and I’d appreciate it if you submitted your work to Moodle before class.