Apps for Appalachia: Reflection - Learning To Date

Reflection - Learning To Date

Reflecting on Paint Pot

For Wednesday, see if you can complete Paint Pot on your own (or with a partner), and take some time to reflect on both your process and your code. Remember, you can come into the lab most times during the day, and we have evening hours from 7-9PM Sunday through Thursday.

For example, some things to reflect on:

  • What programming constructs (or “blocks”) have you seen so far?
  • What do they let you do?
  • What new constructs did you see as part of this exercise?
  • What questions do you still have about how these constructs work?
  • What concepts have you explored that are not explicitly captured in the form of an AppInventor block? (For example, animation, or the canvas.)
  • What kinds of apps do you imagine you might be able to write using the tools you have?

I recommend you do the following:

  1. Sit down on Saturday, turn off the phone, close the laptop, and get out a pen and paper.

  2. Think about the things you’ve learned in the course so far.

  3. Write them down.

  4. Think about the things you’re still confused by.

  5. Write them down.

  6. Reflect on what you could do with that information that is interesting, or challenging, or might allow you to make a difference in the place that you live.

  7. Write those ideas down.

On Sunday or Monday, come back to this list; skim the readings we’ve done so far, and see if there are new things you want to add to your reflection. On Tuesday, come back and write things up in a document that you can submit.

Make sure to save the document for yourself, as it will become a valuable study aid in the future.

Learning Objectives

  • Program Design and Development 1.1: Use event handlers for concrete user actions in an interface (eg. button presses).
  • Program Design and Development 1.2: Identify concrete/visible aspects of program state (app background color, etc.) and the ability to change those values in response to user action.