Apps for Appalachia: Slides - Three Slide Presentation

Slides - Three Slide Presentation

Your task is to put together a short (3 slide) presentation on the subject you researched for Monday. This will do a few things things:

  1. Focus you on what is important. If you only have a small number of slides, you need to focus.

  2. Let you breathing and projection. We’re not really worried about content (that is, breadth and depth of expertise), because we only have three slides. But we are interested in hearing you work on good breath support and projecting well.

  3. Using images effectively. This is only the beginning, but we’re going to take this as a first attempt at bringing together some clean slides that are dominated by images, and not overrun with text.

Your slides should be structured as follows:

  • Title Slide: Title, your name, date, location
  • Three Slides: Content
  • Conclusion: Questions prompt and contact info

Learning Objectives

  • Presentation Fundamentals 1.2: Develop a short presentation that effectively communicates an idea with minimal text.
  • Presentation Fundamentals 2.1: Demonstrate effective room use/body positioning while presenting.
  • Presentation Fundamentals 3.1: Demonstrate awareness of both dress and body language in giving excellent presentations.
  • Presentation Fundamentals 3.2: Critically and constructively review peer presentations.


Your slides should be put together in Google Docs, and shared with the user before class. You should also go into the File menu and “Download As” a PDF. Upload that PDF to Moodle.