Apps for Appalachia: Story App Showcase I

Story App Showcase I

We’re at the end of the term, so I’m now being brief:

  1. Read the first three chapters of Braitenberg’s Vehicles.

  2. Answer the questions in Moodle. You’ll write them up in a document of some sort (Word/OpenOffice).

(I’ve pasted the questions here, too.)

  1. Think about living creatures you have interacted with throughout your life: ants, pets (goldfish, gerbils, cats, dogs), and higher-order primates (siblings, friends, teachers, etc.). What from the first three chapters of Braitenberg can you see in each of these different kinds of creatures, and what differs?

  2. Think about WALL-E. (If you have not seen WALL-E, then pick another robot from fiction.) Can you see elements of Braitenberg’s ideas in WALL-E’s behavior? How?

  3. Watch this TED talk regarding robots that learn. What is similar and different between the robots described there and the vehicles that Braitenberg discusses?


See the next assignment regarding aerial robotics, and include any questions you have at the end of this document. You should have at least one question. Really, at least one per video. Feel free to note as many questions as you think of/come up while you’re watching.